21 Day Meditation Challenge – Coming up soon!

Join with me to my meditation challenge. Meditate for 21 days, everyday from 10 to 20 minutes. Learn to calm your mind and take time for yourself and for your well-being. 

While meditating you turn your minds eyes towards your heart and listen to yourself. You invest in yourself and your well being. Every day, for 21 days, you receive an email from me with a meditation. I will guide you, you only need to find the time to meditate. Enjoy your meditation journey. And I assure you will enjoy these moments.

In addition to these meditations you receive three longer bonus meditations and a screen savers for your phone to boost you and remind you about the meditations and rise your frequency.

All you need is to take action and join me. You do not need previous experience. Give this a try and get familiar with meditation. Or if you have been meditating this is for you too.

You can down load all the meditations to your phone or pc so they are yours forever, and you can listen to them when ever. 

I have different types of meditatios about accepting yourself, loving yourself, mantra meditations and other types of heart opening meditations and deep meditations. These meditations help you grow on your spiritual path as well as trust yourself and feel more powerful and happy. 

Meditation is said to help you relax and: 

  • help you concentrate
  • quiet your mind
  • help you be present 
  • reduce stress
  • rejuvinate
  • reduce anxiety and prevent it 
  • boost your immunity
  • you will sleep better
  • reduce anxiety

In meditation you quiet your mind and listen to yourself. Take time for yourself and start meditating and feeling better.


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