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Hi, I’m Jaana,

Are you looking for a way to change the way you work and live? You came to the right place. I am building my online business based on the things I am learning here. You can do that too!

If you are looking for more freedom and a new way of living, changing the regular 9 to 5 to building a successful online business, this is the way. I can help you to transform your life.

You need to commit to learning new skills and follow this step-by-step training. We give all the tools and training you need, so why don’t you join me? There are no limits, except your mind.

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Feedback I have gotten:

“Hi Jaana, I would like to thank you. It was via the video you had created, that I got to know about this great opportunity for me. I instantly felt a connection with you, as you seemed very honest in the video. Just wanted you to know, that you have helped me trough that video, you created. I am very grateful for that. Wish you an amazing day.”

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Are you considered too old when you are 50+? Do You have a hard time finding a job?
I think I am at my best age. Invest in yourself and your life. You are the Queen of Your life!

What is your path going to look this year? What do you desire? Do you know how you want to grow? Do you know what you want to achieve? Let me help you.

Power of a smile and feeling gratitude. Take time to smile and feel thankful before falling asleep or waking up from bed in the morning. See how your energy shifts.

Imagine, what if you could completely change the way you work!

Making money while you sleep.

I am feeling so thankful for the new way of working.

What if you learned a new way of working and got paid for it? What if you could give more time for you family and not having to worry about money?

Love your work!

Build Your Business Around Your Life – Not Your Work! It’s Never too Late to Make A Change!

Today we have the opportunity to choose and learn new ways of working and creating income. If you are willing to learn new things, you can create your online business, and we will support you. We offer you a compelling platform and community of like-minded people.

  • no business background or experience required
  • no products or services needed
  • you can do this at any age
  • you will learn everything about online business, and you will be able to help others
  • you don’t need a business background / experience or products or services
  • you will get all the tools and resources, technical help and platforms you need to build your online busines


  • if you have a product or talent you want to learn to market and share with the world you learn how to reach people 
  • how to create an online store 
  • you will be in safe and supportive environment 
  • there is no limit what you can reach 

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