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purposeful life?

I help women go from feeling lost and unfulfilled and constantly putting others before themselves to waking up full of energy and committed to their spiritual journey. Feeling confident and knowing what is the next step to take to create the life you love.

Be a woman who loves herself and her life and your loved ones in energizing and fulfilling balance.

I help you to be the person you want to be. Learn to put yourself as the most important person in your life – Grow to Glow!

I hope you choose yourself – the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself!

Let me be your guiding light.

Love, Jaana

Grow to Glow and Master Your Goddess Energy Course

Learn magical and fun ways to change how you feel every day, and change your life.

If you feel like your life is a struggle, this is for you. If you are in low energy and moods, feel sadness, stress, and overwhelmed, this is for you and think life has nothing to offer you. Life has a lot to offer! Trust yourself, and find child-like happiness in your life. With these tools, you will have fun and change how you feel daily and become the Goddess of your life.

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Are you feeling lost?
Never compare yourself to others, you are unique and you have unique skills.
Step into the light, and go after your dreams.

Don’t dim your ligt! Shine bright!

Where the freedom starts?
I think the freedom starts… it starts when you do not think what others think of you.

Don’t believe everything that
you have been told!

A small practise for you
Close your eyes and listen to what I say. Then write down what you heard in your minds eyes.

Think what you think!
You create your reality!

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