Energy Healing – Learn To Heal Yourself With Universal Energy

Are you familiar with the energy that is right in your hands? Do you know that you can heal yourself with this divine energy?

In this course, you will learn to give energy healing treatments to yourself. Healing yourself is the best way to listen to your inner voice. And while you give energy healing to yourself, you start feeling better and calmer. You turn your inner eyes towards your heart.

You will learn what this energy is, how to use it, and I have two ways that I teach you. Energy healing also strengthens you and supports you on your spiritual journey.

This is a self-healing course and an e-course, but I will walk next to you all the way.


Self healing helps to

  • your nervous system, it supports western medical treatments, but energy healing goes deeper to the reason
  • you will feel more vital and get more energy
  • listen to your inner voice
  • be present
  • reduce stress
  • it helps you to relax, and sleep better.

This is not a Reiki course, this is a course where you learn to use universal energy.

I have made many practises and meditations for you. Join me and invest in yourself and your wellbeing.


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