Letter to Your Loved Ones – buy and print – available in English and Finnish


Would you like to leave a message to your loved ones when you are not here?

I got this idea of “Letter To My Loved Ones” when my mother died. Now it is in my Etsy shop.
When my mother lived, she told me what kind of funeral she wanted and who she wanted to invite etc., and it was so easy for me to organise her funeral.
This is much more than a funeral wish list; this is a letter that you can write to your loved ones. Share your happy moments, childhood memories, special notes to your spouse, children… Even your secrets, and your wisdom of pearls.
Talking about death and funeral is difficult for many people, writing is much easier, and that is why I made this.
This is in your use right after your purchase. You can choose the size you want: US letter or A4, and language: English or Finnish. Any other languages needed?
You can give it now that you are still here or when you feel the moment is right. You can include it in your will (note that this is not a will). I will be writing one for sure to my loved ones ♥️

Leave a message to your loved ones and make things easier for them when in grief.

Buy this letter from my Etsy shop and print it immediately.

You can print many copies of it or just the pages you like. Total amount of pages 27.


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