There She Glows

Next summer, I will officially be a published author in a collaboration book series called “There She Glows – volume 2” by Lucy Crane. I was thrilled and honoured when Lucy asked me to join this collaboration with inspirational women. Sharing our stories about how we got to be where and who we are right now! ‚Ä®First, I thought I have nothing to share, but I like to think that I do matter, and I wanted to tell my story and encourage women all in all. And I like to think that I have helped many women in my life.

I did not hesitate a moment. When I get excited about things, I am ready to jump in. And my intuition told me to do this. I was horrified to write my chapter since a teacher said to me in front of the class, “Jaana, you can not write!” I love going out of my comfort zone, and this was a great experience. And I must say I am proud of myself.

I want to encourage you, whatever and where you are in life, not to settle for the ordinary. Reach out for extraordinary because you are unique.
The first collaboration book was a Number One bestseller!
I can not wait for this to come out. The launch will be in June 2021. Please subscribe below to be the first to hear more!

Love, Jaana xxx

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