Grow to Glow challenge!


The challenge starts..

For five days I will be giving you tools to make your day and your life better. You can take these tips for your use right away. I will be live during these five days and we sill be doing practises together and you get some easy and fun “homework” to support your wellbeing and your personal growth.

During these five days you will learn…

• how you start your day with feeling good and how to stay in good and high vibrating energy

• about energy overall

• how to change you mood and feelings fast

• how to handle your inner critic that saboge you

• how to set boundaries and how to put yourself and number in your life – you are the queen of your life

• how to connect to the Universa Energy

• you get to know your new inner wisdom and how to deal with your different moods


  • practical tips

  • how to open your heart chakra to receive more

  • a meditaation

  • practices how to calm your mind anywhere and everywhere

  • homework – easy and fun to start working with your personal growth

  • practical tools for your everyday situations

  • grace and love

Recerve your free seat!

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